As your tax professionals, we strive to keep you informed of any relevant statements the IRS issues to the public. The most recent statement issued by the IRS informs taxpayers about a C14 notice being erroneously sent out to some taxpayers. In this newsletter, we will explain the situation with this erroneous notice and what you should do if you receive this notice.



First of all, the IRS is aware of this issue and released a statement on June 12, 2024 explaining this situation. In this statement, they explain that these notices are being sent to taxpayers who paid their 2023 tax return balance electronically or by check. The IRS has stated they are aware that on the IRS website, the taxpayers who received these notices are seeing their tax returns are pending and that their banks are showing that their payment was processed.

The IRS continues to outline that the notices “may have been initiated before the payment was processed on the account or the payment may have been processed but contained errors and required additional handling to address the error before updating the tax account”. In their statement, the IRS apologizes for their delay in processing taxpayer payments and states they will provide an update as soon as they are able.

For taxpayers who have received the CP14 notice but know they have paid their correct balance due to the IRS, the IRS advises that taxpayers do not respond to the notice at this time as they are working to fix the error in their system.



If you receive a CP14 notice and you believe it has been issued to you in error, we advise you not to respond. Instead, we advise you to send the notice to us and we will respond to the IRS on your behalf.  We want to support and reassure you that if you do receive one of these notices, we are here to answer questions and communicate with the IRS on your behalf.  As the IRS continues to work to fix this issue, we will continue to inform you of any new developments that arise with this situation.

If you receive a notice or have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will gladly help you in any way we can.